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KingKids Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an important step before primary school and our kindergarten curriculum is centred around social and emotional skills, creative thinking, and early literacy, reading and language skills, with a hands-on, play-based learning approach.

Our comprehensive kindergarten program supports and prepares children for their transition to primary school.

While the kinder program run by our qualified kindergarten teachers runs 9am to 2pm, as our childcare and early learning centre is open 6.30am to 6.30pm we can still take care of your kindergartener all day and a program of fun activities continues.

Our 3-year-old and 4-year-old kinder curriculum and activities have been developed around the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF). As children start to show more interest in particular topics and themes, our Educators will develop kinder activities to encompass these topics and themes and find new ways to learn in fun and challenging ways.

3-year-old Kindergarten

Starting kinder is an exciting time for a child and represents the start of their lifelong educational journey. Our hands-on, play-based 3-year-old kinder program has been developed by our qualified kinder teachers and children are supported as they develop their social and emotional skills and are encouraged to engaged in both group and independent play. Our learning program sees some pre-reading and number concepts introduced. Although these are some of our program focuses, they are not the desired outcome at this stage. Ideally, the 3-year-old kindergarten program is about empowering children to be within the learning environment, and to foster child to want to engage in learning.

4-year-old Kindergarten

Being an important step before starting primary school our 4-year-old kindergarten curriculum is centred around social and emotional skills, creative thinking, and early literacy, reading and language skills, with a hands-on, play-based learning approach. We also love seeing our kinder children embrace age-appropriate science activities, and learn more about the country and world they live in and the cultures that form our vibrant communities.

During the kinder years our Educators will also support your child as their emotional skills develop too, helping them adjust to both group and independent play. We help our kinder children develop their confidence, resilience, and independence.

We also take a close look at their learning dispositions, and on how they are going in their learning pathways. At this stage, we want children to love learning, and to be going off on their own learning journeys and pathways during their time. We also want children to have a broad range of experiences so that when it comes time to start school, its as smooth and stress free as possible.

Bush Kinder and Community Outing Program

There is something magical that happens when we leave the four walls of our classroom and head into the natural environment as part of our bush kinder program.

We have long found that the learning that can be had when in the presence of nature is unmatched. There are countless opportunities to build, story tell, count, care for plants, use our imagination when viewing clouds or engaging in imaginative play in our bush cubbies.

We believe our Bush Kinder and Community Outing Program provides children with the opportunity to engage with and explore their local community. Outings can include visiting the local gardens or parks to collect materials and resources for art projects, walking to the local schools, local milk bar or supermarket to purchase items for a home cooked meal prepared by our children.

We usually set out on community outings and excursions using a walking school bus (walking to our destination) or our KingKids community outing bus.

We take advantage of the good weather when we can, so sometimes these excursions will be spontaneous and may occur at any time during the hours outlined on your annual permission form. We provide updates and share our learning activities via photos and videos on the app we use to communicate with parents, so you can follow all our adventures!

Helping Your Child Transition from Kinder to Primary School

A big step is coming… primary school! It’s an exciting time for your child and you too, and we aim to support your child as they start to understand the changes ahead of them.

Every child responds to the upcoming transition to primary school differently. Some children are excited while some may feel anxious or worried about the changes ahead. This is why we work so closely with each individual child to ensure that their transition is a successful one.

To support your child we will…

  • Introduce more daily routines.
  • Tour nearby primary schools.
  • Have past Kinder students come in and speak to our Kinder class.
  • Outline how school works, in particular prep.
  • Continue to read with your child every day.
  • Engage children with more group activities and group discussions.
  • Introduce lunchboxes from home in term 4 so children can become familiar with opening and closing lunch boxes, opening packets, eating from their lunchbox only, etc.
  • Talk about and acknowledge all the normal feelings your child might be having and encourage children to talk about them, write them down or draw them.

To support kinder parents, we also host at least one parent information session, and outline some strategies that can help you support your child as they transition to primary school.

Kindergarten Graduation

To celebrate and acknowledge the milestone that is the completion of kinder and transition to school, we conduct a very special night for our children. This graduation night brings our families and children together during an evening after kindergarten to sing, dance and celebrate with light refreshments, snacks, and photo opportunities.

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