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Rest and Sleep at Childcare

Rest & Sleep - KingKids Early Learning Centre

Meeting the individual comfort and needs of children is pivotal to us, and with children having very full and busy days rest and sleep at childcare becomes crucial.

All children have the option of sleep or if they no longer require a sleep, to be able to engage in a quiet and restful play period during the day. This forms part of daily program in our pre-kinder rooms.

Children that are findign it too difficult to sleep or who have elected not to, will be encouraged to have some quiet time, reading a book or listening to music. If you would prefer that your child doesn’t sleep during the day or you would like their nap time to be limited, please let your child’s Educators know and this can be accommodated for.

For our babies room children sleep safely in cots and we follow the sleep routine you have at home. So if your baby has two naps a day, we will put them safely down in one of our cots for two naps a day.

When sleeping, children have a layer of clothing removed (where culturally appropriate) and are loosely covered with a blanket and/or sheet to prevent overheating. All sleep practices are age and developmentally appropriate, as recommended by the Reducing the Risk of SIDS program.

Children in our Kinder rooms are encouraged to have some quiet time throughout the day, and this might include reading or looking through a picture book.

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