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KingKids Berwick Childcare Activities

Our Commitment to Early Learning and Childcare Education

We want to help foster the next generation of lifelong learners, the upcoming charitably caring neighbours, and respectfully active citizens. How does this happen? Well, it all starts here at KingKids Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens, and with our commitment to childcare education.

Our sector leading team of Educators at KingKids look to the horizon and beyond when planning and updating our curriculum, and they develop a curriculum that creates an individualised perspective of each and every child, allowing them to each reach, secure and exceed their potential.

We respect the right for all children to be safe, to learn and play. This is why you hear the phrase “Learning though play”. What this means is that our team of Educators have planned for the learning topic to be explored and navigated through the act of playing.

This first requires the clever planning of emergent skills, concepts, behaviours, or abilities which follow on from carefully gathered observations and individualised developmental assessments of each child. From here our amazing team carefully uses your child’s interests to create an activity or experience which both captivates their imagination and engages their critical thinking skills to promote growth and development in a way that is both fun and exciting! This is why your child will want to come back for more!

This is the underlying principle of learning through play. It is something that our children will naturally want to do because it’s fun. It has always been much easier to learn something newwhen you’re enjoying the process of it. It also means that we find ourselves coming back to learning again and again as we progress through life, becoming a lifelong learner.

Our curriculum, activities, childcare rooms and outdoor spaces are also developed around the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, or VEYLDF. The VEYLDF is built on the recognition that children start learning from birth and that providing children with the right environment, tools, guidance and methods of learning can actually help to increase their ability to learn throughout their lives.

We acknowledge that learning is more than just formal education and we treat all interactions with children as opportunities for learning and growth.

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Located in service lane, driveway before Coles service station

Phone: (03) 9999 7930
Email: hallam@kingkids.com.au


Enter via Stud Road, next to La Porchetta

Phone: (03) 8738 8770
Email: rowville@kingkids.com.au