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Preparing for the first day at childcare

We absolutely understand the nervousness you and your child might be feeling in the lead up to their first day at childcare. This can feel like an exciting yet daunting time.

We invite our families to participate in an orientation period with their child prior to commencement of care. We offer orientation for 1-2 hours for a minimum of two sessions.

Orientation encourages your child to explore and participate in our environment with our Educators and peers. Previously our families have found this opportunity beneficial as it allows time for their child and their family to share information about the child’s likes, dislikes, needs and wants which helps to make this transition smoother.

There is quite a lot of information that needs to be completed, and we find that the more we know about your child before their first day the better we can accommodate their needs.

Every effort will be made by our Educators to make the settling in process as easy as possible. However we do find the following strategies can help make the separation process a more positive one:


  • Bringing your child into the centre and meeting the Educators prior to their first full day.
  • Having discussions with your child about KingKids and the positive experiences they will have. It’s not just day care, it’s fun care!
  • Bringing in a security toy or comfort item from home, such as a special teddy or blanket.
  • Ensuring that Educators are aware of your child’s particular food preferences and dietary requirements.
  • If possible, trying to keep the first few days shorter than they will be.
  • Making sure that you say “goodbye”. This can sometimes make your child feel upset, though it is important to establish trust. For example, say “I have to go now, but I will be back after lunch” or “I’ll be back this afternoon and I can’t wait to hear all about your day”.
  • Separation anxiety is normal but of course can be upsetting for some children, and parents, to experience. Our friendly team will be with your child every step of the way until they feel comfortable and a part of our KingKids family.

If you choose to, you’re welcome to stay with your child on their first day or even first two or three days. This sometimes makes the transition process easier, but it is completely up to you.

What To Bring

To make the first day at childcare comfortable for your child they will need the following:

  • A clean change of clothes; including underwear, socks and jacket (clearly labelled).
  • A bag large enough to hold all your child’s belongings and drink bottle.
  • Shoes that cover your all your child’s feet – no open toe shoes please.
  • Appropriate clothing that is consistent with our sun smart policy. Children’s shoulders need to be covered.
  • Open lockers are provided for your child’s bag to remain for the day. This will be labelled, and a photo of your child will help them recognise which one is theirs if they cannot read.
  • The KingKids wet bag that your child received on enrolment. This is for wet or dirty clothing.

To encourage self-help skills, when children are mobile and able, we encourage the children to carry their own bag in to and out of the childcare centre and to place it in their locker.

Please dress your child in play clothes that are comfortable and easy to change if they get dirty. Crawlers are most comfortable if their clothing covers their knees and early walkers are best wearing shoes with non-slip soles. If the clothes are too good to be subjected to paint, grass, water, or outside play, then they shouldn’t be worn. We’re going to be having fun every day and sometimes this involves mess!

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Please contact your closest centre using the details below:

Located in service lane, driveway before Coles service station

Phone: (03) 9999 7930
Email: hallam@kingkids.com.au


Enter via Stud Road, next to La Porchetta

Phone: (03) 8738 8770
Email: rowville@kingkids.com.au