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KingKids Berwick Childcare Activities

Childcare Meals at KingKids

We know how important a balanced and healthy lifestyle is for learning and development. Thanks to our fully equipped kitchen and experienced cook at each KingKids centre all the healthy childcare meals and snacks we provide for your child are cooked and prepared daily onsite. Based on a nutritionally balanced diet, all your child’s meals are provided, including breakfast (offered until 8.00am), morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Our four-week rotating menu is changed seasonally and is on display. Rotating our meals helps our young children to expolore new and exciting foods, and to broaden their tastes and promote a healthy association to trying new things.

Our team makes every effort to cater for special diets and allergies so please let our friendly team know of any special requirements that your child might have.

As a part of the program children are involved in the experience of cooking using both purchased goods and using vegetables and herbs grown in the centre’s garden.

Our Menu

Our inclusive menu is reviewed and adapted seasonally by our families, team members and children to ensure we are capturing each of our favourite meals and exploring a diverse range of cultures through the foods we cook and eat. Our menu is also adapted to cater to all allergies and dietary requirements which are then used as a rich learning experience around keeping each other safe and feeling respected throughout the learning environment. All our menus are reviewed by the nutritionists and dietary specialists at Feed Australia to ensure we cover all food groups and provide a well-balanced variety of food to our growing children.

What we eat at KingKids
  • Morning and afternoon tea is usually either fresh fruits in season, cheeses, dips, dry biscuits, centre baked cakes, slices, muffins, crumpets or fruit toast. This is served with either milk or water.
  • Lunch consists of a mixture of hot and cold foods such as pastas, roasts, curries, cold meats, sandwiches and fish.
  • Babies are provided with freshly pureed fruits and vegetables, consistent with their age and stage of development. In our baby’s room only, we provide S26 Stage 1 & 2 formula for your baby, however if you have a specialised formula, we ask that you please provide this. We happily cater for breast fed babies in accordance with our breast feeding and formula policy.

Effort is made to make the menu culturally diverse, and we encourage children to taste new and varied dishes.  If your child does not like the meal offered, they will be provided with a serving of fruit and cheese and/or a sandwich or rice as an alternative.

If your child has a favourite recipe that you think other children might also enjoy, please speak to the welcoming cook at your KingKids centre.  If the meal aligns with our nutrition goals, we will attempt to include this in the menu.

High quality produce and fresh foods cooked daily by a loving team of cooks feeds healthy bodies and healthy bodies stimulate a curious and developing mind. The mind of a child can then lead to endless possibilities and countless opportunities to live, love, grow and learn!

Our mealtimes are catered towards teaching children how to use cutlery, how to both serve themselves and responsibly scrape and wash their dishes. We role model positive behaviours and a lifelike dining experience during these times and encourage a rich lively discussion about the foods we eat, where they come from and why they are good for our bodies. The idea behind this approach is to influence a healthy lifestyle and develop a positive sense of wellbeing.

Food from home

While generally we cannot allow food to come in from home, an exception is made for Kindergarten children in Term 4 as we prepare them for school by offering the option of bringing in a lunchbox. During this time, the lunchboxes will still be checked for potential allergens. We have a strictly no nuts policy.

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Located in service lane, driveway before Coles service station

Phone: (03) 9999 7930
Email: hallam@kingkids.com.au


Enter via Stud Road, next to La Porchetta

Phone: (03) 8738 8770
Email: rowville@kingkids.com.au