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Jo MacKenzie-King Executive Director, KingKids

A passion to nurture, encourage and support children and their early learning and development is what drives everyone at our KingKids childcare centres.

At our childcare centres we offer long day care, or childcare, and kindergarten for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne.

Our team of trained and experienced childcare educators are dedicated to caring for and supporting your child and helping them thrive and develop personally and socially. We provide plenty of activities, education, and care for your child, keeping them entertained and stimulated. It’s not just childcare, it’s fun care!

Children are naturally energetic, curious, and creative. We harness these traits and provide stimulating spaces that allow children to explore, discover and learn in both a structured and unstructured environment.

If you’d like to know more about one of our KingKids Early Learning Centres you’re welcome to touch base with our team or book in a tour.

Curriculum & Learning Spaces

Our curriculum, activities, childcare rooms, and outdoor spaces are developed around the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, or VEYLDF. The VEYLDF is built on the recognition that children start learning from birth and that providing children with the right environment, tools, guidance, and methods of learning can actually help to increase their ability to learn throughout their lives.

Children’s voices and ideas are integral in planning our experiences and programs in each room, so our holistic programming is based upon extending on children’s interests and abilities.

Our Centres and rooms are warm and welcoming, providing a safe place for your child. They are designed to encourage learning, play and creativity.

Our large outdoor areas are inviting, fun, natural environments which foster both learning and play while enabling children to develop their social, fine motor and gross motor skills. Our outdoor spaces are designed to engage children, allow them to explore, be creative and connect with the environment. Filled with fun, age-appropriate play equipment, mud kitchens, sand pits, slides, chill out zones, soil, rocks, grass, plants and trees children are encouraged to touch and interact with the natural environment. Some of our Centres even have cubbies, chicken coops and vegetable gardens.

Meals at KingKids

Each of our KingKids childcare centres have fully equipped kitchens and all the healthy meals and snacks we provide for your child are cooked and prepared daily onsite.

All your child’s meals are provided, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Our four-week rotating menu is based on a nutritionally balanced diet and is changed seasonally and is on display in our Centres.

Babies are provided with freshly pureed fruits and vegetables, consistent with their age and stage of development, and each centre also provides one brand of formula for your baby. If you have a specialised formula for your baby, you will need to please supply this. We also happily cater for breast fed babies in accordance with our breast feeding and formula policy.

Of course, our team makes every effort to cater for special diets and allergies and you’ll need to let our friendly team know of any special requirements that your child might have.

Our Nutrition section has more helpful information.

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Sleep & Rest at Childcare

Meeting the individual comfort and needs of children is pivotal to us, and with children having very full and busy days at childcare rest is important.

For children in our babies’ rooms, we stick to the sleep routine you have at home. For other children under the age of 3 they’ll have the option of sleep, or a quiet period, during the day. This is part of daily activity in our pre-kinder rooms.

If you would prefer that your child doesn’t sleep during the day or their nap time needs to be limited, please let your child’s Educators know.

All sleep practices are age and developmentally appropriate and as recommended by the Reducing the Risk of SIDS program.

What do you need to bring to KingKids childcare for your child?

Take a look at our Daily Life section which has plenty of information to help.

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Please contact your closest centre using the details below:

Located in service lane, driveway before Coles service station

Phone: (03) 9999 7930
Email: hallam@kingkids.com.au


Enter via Stud Road, next to La Porchetta

Phone: (03) 8738 8770
Email: rowville@kingkids.com.au