Early Learning At KingKids Childcare And Kindergarten
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Our Commitment to Early Learning

Early Learning Overview

We want to help foster the next generation of lifelong learners, the upcoming charitably caring neighbours, and respectfully active citizen. How does this happen? Well, its all starts here at KingKids Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens!

Our industry leading team of Educators at KingKids look to the horizon and beyond to plan a curriculum which creates an individualised perspective of each and every child, allowing them to each reach, secure and exceed their potential.

We respect the right for all children to be safe, to learn and play. This is why you hear the phrase “Learning though play”. What this means is that our team of Educators have planned for the learning to be explored and navigated through the act of playing. This first requires the clever planning of emergent skills, concepts, behaviours, or abilities which follow on from carefully gathered observations and individualised developmental assessments of each child. From here our amazing team carefully uses your child’s interests to create an activity or experience which both captivates their imagination and engages their critical thinking skills to promote growth and development in a way that is both fun and exciting! This is why your child is wanting to come back for more!

This is the underlying principle of learning through play. Its something which our children will naturally want to do because it’s fun. It’s much easier to learn when you’re enjoying it. It also means that we come back to learning again and again as we progress through life, becoming a lifelong learner.

KingKids place a large emphasis on early learning
Children playing in sand at KingKids


We know how important a balanced and healthy lifestyle is for learning and development. We have an onsite Cook who prepares our meals each day with a menu adapted to the needs and interests of our KingKids community. Our inclusive menu is reviewed and adapted seasonally by our families, team members and children to ensure we are capturing favourite meals and exploring culture through food.  Our menu is also adapted to cater to all allergies and dietary requirements which are then used as a rich learning experience around keeping each other safe and feeling respected throughout the learning environment.

Our mealtimes are catered towards teaching children how to use cutlery, how to both serve themselves and responsibly scrape and wash their dishes.  We role model positive behaviours and a lifelike dining experience during these times and encourage a rich lively discussion about the foods we eat, where they come from and why they are good for our bodies. The idea behind this approach is to influence a healthy lifestyle and develop a positive sense of wellbeing.

Child at KingKids Childcare and Kindergarten
Cookies on a plate


Sustainability isn’t just about looking after our planet and picking up our rubbish, it’s so much more! There is a deep seeded respectful disposition that lies within someone who is sustainable. They go the extra mile not only to ensure that there is a future for themselves, but a future for generations to come. It is with this belief that sustainability is embedded in our philosophy. Through their time at KingKids, children develop a sense of awareness to the limit of our natural resources and what we can do to ensure that we reduce waste and promote clever uses, or re-uses to items. Not only is this developing a sustainable understanding, but it can also promote problem solving and critical thinking skills.

At KingKids Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens we have a sustainability leader guiding and inspiring new innovative ideas, researching and inspiring our families and team to embed more sustainable practices within our day to day lives.

Some of our embedded sustainable practices that we use each day:

  • Earth Hour (turning all unused electronics and lights off throughout rest time)
  • ‘Garden to Plate’ (growing fresh fruit and vegetables in our gardens and sharing these with our children and families to use in their cooking)
  • Think, water wise (re using unwanted water from drink bottles and activities for our vegetable gardens and shrubs)
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
  • Composting our fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Re-use paper and magazines in craft
  • Use fallen natural materials for activities and craft
  • Recycling and disposing of items and waste correctly