KingKids - Starting School Tips and Tricks for your PreSchooler
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School Transition: Here Comes My Schoolie


Is your child soon heading from Kindergarten to Primary School?

One of the main factors that contribute to the success of this transition arises from establishing routines. Helping children adopt certain habits and behaviours from an early stage enables them to understand how the world around them works.

There are many benefits to establishing a routine for your child, such as:

• Building social skills through repeated behaviour
• Respecting others
• Independence
• Taking turns and sharing
• Waiting patiently
• Responsibility for their belongings

Not only are these skills useful for school but they also play an essential role in character building.

Safety & Hygiene:

Looking both ways before crossing the road and washing hands before eating are some essential routines that when established early on, become habitual for children by school-age.

Independence and Control:

By being able to predict what is going to happen next, it creates a sense of comfort and emotional stability for young children. A boost in confidence comes from knowing that certain behaviours can be anticipated.

At KingKids, we work together with the children to establish predictable routines such as understanding routines, expectations, meal times and participating in extra-curricular activities such as excursions, bush kindergarten, concerts and graduation.

The habits and behaviours encouraged by our Educators at Kindergarten will not only set them up for Primary School but in life in general.

For more information on how you can build strong links between home and KingKids, visit for a very useful fact sheet to assist with any queries or ideas!