KingKids Narre Warren Childcare Centre
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Narre Warren KingKids

159-167 Fleetwood Drive, Narre Warren, Victoria, 3805


Our Team members are undertaking Covid-19 infection control and training, to minimise the risk and protect our community too.


Where We Learn

Our Centre

Our inviting, rustic centre in Narre Warren is renowned for exceptional natural outdoor yard (complete with a chicken coup) where your child is free to imagine, investigate and discover.  Our five large and spacious rooms with engaging play spaces encourage children to build and develop friendships.

An inclusive team of dedicated professionals provide a stimulating learning environment from babies, through to toddlers then to pre-kinder.  This progresses with the outstanding kinder program which includes the option for the children to engage in ‘bush kinder’ where they can explore and appreciate local natural environments, aiding them in becoming the nature lovers and environmentalists of the future.

Where We Play

Gallery of photos

What We Eat

Our Chef-Designed Menu


Kitchen Assistant

I love to share my passion for cooking with our children and families.




I love to cook for children, laugh with children and support their learning. It gives me great joy when a family asks for my recipe because their child is enjoying their meal offerings at KingKids



Kitchen Assistant

“Sometimes we need to look at life from a child’s point of view”

Who Teaches Us

Narre Warren Educators
Ghizal KingKids Childcare, Daycare


Acting Centre Director

& Qualified Mental Health First Aider

“We strive by lifting others”

Blank Space Image



Room Leader

Languages: Sinhalese & English

I strive to provide the foundation for children to develop both educationally and socially in a safe learning environment. I am incredibly passionate about create a play-based learning environment which encourages children’s self-identity, independence and confidence.


Educator & Workplace

Health & Safety Officer

I love to work with children because I can support, guide and develop young children’s minds and provide meaningful experiences to further their learning. It is such a rewarding career as I am able to make a positive difference in their unique personality and lives.



Languages: Mandarin and English

I enjoy teaching children and observing their journey of learning through play, I believe learning occurs in all environments and together with our families we can support our children to live a happy holistic life.

Staff Member



I’ve choosen to work in the early childhood field because i love children, giving children a place to feel safe, supported and belonging is the most important thing in a child’s life and being a person who can help provide that for each child in my care is a blessing. Observing and guiding a child in their everyday learning experiences and reaching milestones puts a massive smile on my face i love to encourage children to meet their highest expectations.



Room Leader

Languages: Sinhalese & English

I chose to be an early childhood Educator as I have always had the passion for teaching, and I value Early Childhood Education as the foundation for lifelong learning. Every individual child is unique and should be viewed, respected and treated as such. Being an Educator I strive to provide holistic support of each child’s exclusive requirements and interests in a secure, caring, nurturing familiar and support environment that fosters the development of children’s learning.


Educator &

Cultural Leader

There is nothing more rewarding than working with children and being able to watch them grow and learn every day, seeing them reach their goals and continue to develop meaningful relationships with them every day. I am so lucky to be able to educate children during their early years.



Languages: Pashtu & English

I love working and supporting children’s learning because every day is different. I love the energy and enthusiasm in the environment. Not only are children learning and developing, but as an Educator we are able to learn and gain so much knowledge and skills as well. Children bring so much joy to our lives.



It brings great happiness to wake up knowing I am going to be making a positive impact on our next generation and the community in which I live in. I am incredibly passion about early childhood education and enjoy sharing moments of learning and laughter with our children.



Languages: Telugu & English

I have a passion for teaching children. I believe patience, creativity and enthusiasm encourages children to be confident and involved learners. Children represent hope and the future. I am blessed to work with children each and every day.



Room Leader &

Child Welfare Officer

Languages: Tamil & English

My career has an Early Childhood Educator is very rewarding, I have two children of my own and watching them grow has been such a blessing. Children grow differently and I believe every is unique in their own way. I enjoy sharing in their laughter, comforting them when in need and be their friend when they need someone to talk to or laugh with. Every interaction is filled with happiness, satisfaction and most importantly joy.



Languages: Sinhalese and English

I have always had a passion of being with children, engage in play and watch them learn and grow in front of my eyes. That passion was the main reason for me to select a career as an Early Childhood Educator. Today I feel so happy and pleased I selected this career as I never see it as a job but an opportunity to support children grow and develop holistically.



I choose to work in Early Childhood because it is rewarding. Everyday we are able to be apart of the children’s achievements, support their development and observe their achievements. Each day I laugh, sing, dance and enjoy each individual child.



Languages: Punjabi & English

I love to support and guide children’s learning through laughter, music and fun. I believe that together with a child’s family we can enhance a child’s independence and most importantly confidence.



3 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher

Learning with children, families and the broad community empowers myself as a Teacher to listen, respect and most importantly engage with children. To foster learning and to ensure every child has the best start to life, with the support from myself every day. In Early Childhood Education you are never bored, and every day is a new experience of fun, laughter and love.



Languages: Sinhalese and English

Supporting and guiding children’s learning has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy seeing them grow and learn in each stage of their life. I believe that each child should have the abilities to achieve the most they can, and that’s why I enjoy being that Educator to be their biggest supporting to guide their confidence and independence.


Educator &

Sustainability Officer

Languages: French, Creole & English

I am passionate about working with young children as I like to inspire and educate children to develop and explore their creative minds

Staff member



Languages: Tagalog & English

I  am very passionate about working with children and to contribute something good in shaping their early years which hopefully they will remember as they grow older into the wider world. I believed that children are the most precious assets of every family just as how I value my own. To be entrusted to care for them, to teach them about the wonders of the world and to share their joy and laughter is not only a duty but an honour worth it.


This is Lisa our Kindergarten Teacher


Kindergarten Teacher

I value children’s voices believing each individual child is unique and we support them through advocacy with the peers, adults and the wider community.
I see children are confident and involved learners who are capable of developing skills to communicate their thoughts and feelings and are empowered to question and explore these values.
I find it rewarding to celebrate a child’s natural desire to play and learn, we have opportunity for open ended play to heighten discovery, exploration and curiosity.
I recognise that family is their first teacher and I believe through collaboration and shared decision making and open communication we can provide the best learning outcomes for your child.



Languages: Hindi, Marathi, Konani and English

I love working within the early childhood field as it allows me to learn and grow with children whilst encouraging their education and wellbeing. It gives me immense pride when children achieve milestones and confidence. I love to support children to flourish and grow. Listening, learning and laughing with children brings me joy.



I became an Early Childhood Educator because I love empowering and shaping little minds by creating quality play spaces which encourages, supports, challenges and builds on the children’s learning every day through play. I strive to be the best Educator for our children in providing opportunities and supporting children to grow and lean through both their strengths and weaknesses. Every day in Early Childhood is unique, not one day is the same but to walk in your environment and to see the smiles on every child’s face brings great joy to my day.



Languages: Chinese Hacca & English

As a child, I was always curious and adventurous. Therefore, I choose to work with children because my passion is to provide children the opportunity to create their own future through wonder and adventure and to learn in ways that I am able to teach to my best abilities.

Staff member



Languages: Chinese Mandarin & English

I enjoy working with children and watching them grow and develop. My favourite activity is reading stories with the children, this enables children to have a love of literacy and joy.

Educational Support


Educational Leader

I have been supporting children’s learning for 30 years, I am incredibly passionate about guiding children to become the best they can be. I love teaching children the love of books and puppetry. One thing that I continue to enjoy is mentoring and inspiring my fellow Educators to embrace the wonder and delight of children.



Languages: Sindhi, Gurjarati, Hini and English

“Grades don’t measure intelligence and age doesn’t define maturity”



Languages: Tamil & English

I love working with children, interacting with families and sharing joy, love and laughter. I strive to be an inspiration leader, through effective listening and valuing each and every person input. I have a positive outlook on life and enjoy guiding children to be resilient individuals.



Languages: Bahasa and English

I love being an Educator, my role in the early childhood field is both challenging and rewarding. I am able to support and guide children to be confident individuals.



Languages: Khmer and English

I love working within in the early childhood field because I have found that social interaction with children is not only fun, and educational experience it brings great joy for me to support children to learn, grow and develop in a fun and nurturing environment.



Languages: Sinhalese and English

I love working with children especially as an Educator, being surrounded by children who are happy, curious and confident brings great joy to my day.



I love to support children, assist their development and see the children grow. Children bring great happiness and always ensure I have a smile on my face every day.



Languages: Sinhalese and English

I believe as an Educator we are so lucky to support, nurture and share learning with children every day.



Languages: Sinhalese and English

I love to spend my time with children whilst supporting them to grow up day by day. I enjoy furthering their learning since I consider that the childhood years are the best years for growth. Children bring great joy and happiness to your life. I believe that every child is unique, and we have a responsibility to help children to find their own way for their future.



Languages: Hindi, Odia and English

I love to support and guide children’s learning through arts and crafts and my love for music. Sharing learning with children is a great opportunity to develop children’s holistic skills for now and the future.



I am excited to be working within the Early Childhood field because it is an honour and privilege to be able to make a difference in the lives of children, assisting and supporting children to become respectful and responsible individuals of society.



Languages: Hindi, Marathi and English

I believe that children learn through play. I strive to build positive, trusting and long-term relationships with children and their families. I am passionate about working with children and supporting children’s learning and development. I find working with children rewarding it gives me the opportunity to observe how children grow and become confident and independent learners.

What’s Coming Up

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