Meet Molly - Therapy Dog Program - KingKids Childcare and Kindergarten
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Meet Molly – Therapy Dog Program

We are so excited to introduce you to Molly! Molly has recently passed her intense assessment to become a Therapy Dog at Lead the Way Institute and will now become a part of the KingKids family.

Therapy dogs can reduce stress psychologically and increase attachment responses that trigger oxytocin – a hormone that increases trust in humans. Therapy dogs have been shown to teach empathy and social skills, reduce anxiety in children, be soothing and increase motivation for learning.

During Molly’s training, she spent 12 months attending a school spending time in a classroom and forming relationships with the children. It opened up lots of questions about how to care for Molly and how she was feeling and how the children’s action affected her. This taught the children to learn about their own feelings and challenges. We are confident this will be repeated in the services allowing the Educators to provide broader learning opportunities for all of the children.

Molly has been slowly introduced into the services; she has spent a small amount of time with the children to begin with and will increase over time. Molly has been certified with Sally, one of the owners of KingKids. This means that she can only attend the services when she is accompanied by Sally. They make a great team, we will ensure that Molly is always enjoying her job as a Therapy Dog and will give her days off whenever she needs it.

Molly has a very placid and gentle nature; she really is a gentle giant! Molly is a Sheepadoodle (really?!), this is a Sheepdog x Standard Poodle. She is a hypoallergenic dog breed; this means that she is purposely more compatible with people with allergies. She does not shed hair and is frequently groomed.  Molly has a full vet check every 6 months, is fully immunised and up to date with all of her parasite and worming treatments.