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Berwick Kids Learn Mandarin Chinese – Berwick Centre

In the early years of childhood, children who get the chance to learn a language other than English helps improve the overall literacy & understanding of how language can work. There are many benefits for children to learn another language at a young age:

·         Literacy development

·         Flexible cognitive skills

·         Improved self-esteem & wellbeing

·         Strengthen cultural awareness & identity 

Here at KingKids Berwick, we are lucky enough to be in a very culturally diverse community. By knowing the community in which our centre is based in & the children that we care for, we see a great benefit in learning the Mandarin Chinese language. This will be on offer to our over three-year-old children & will be taught in many ways including:

·         Songs & physical movement

·         Hands on activities (calligraphy demonstrations etc)

·         Chinese traditional massage demo so that the children can pamper their parents also 

We are excited to take part in this incursion & look forward to seeing all the things our children (& even Educators) get to learn