Introducing our visiting Dr. Robert Chan - Narre Warren Centre -
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Introducing our visiting Dr. Robert Chan – Narre Warren Centre

Hello, my name is Dr Robert Chan,

I have been a GP for 27 years and have been dividing my time at Bioscor and various day-care Centres around Melbourne since 1990. I have found it rewarding and interesting treating young children as I have watched my own grow up and provide check-ups as well as immunisations.

Dr. Robert Chan will be visiting KingKids Narre Warren fortnightly on Tuesday’s, with the first schedule visit for Tuesday the 3rd of September.

Dr Chan can support our children, family and Educators health with private consultations held right here at KingKids Narre Warren bulk-billed through Medicare.

Are you needing your child’s asthma plan, allergy plan updated? Do you need a new script for ongoing medication? Has your child been unwell, and you would like Dr Chan to review your child’s health?

Secure your appointment today! Please note a family member over the age of 18 will need to accompany their child to all booked appointments.

We are incredibly excited for our new program to be offered as an additional service to our children, families and Educators at KingKids Narre Warren.