Immunisation History Statement - Do you know where to get yours?
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How to obtain your Child’s Immunisation History Statement! Do you know how?

Do you know how to obtain your Child’s Immunisation History Statement?

If you don’t, see our information below to help you out!

      1. Download the ‘EXPRESS PLUS MEDICARE’ app from the app store
      2. Open the app & select ‘SIGN IN’
      3. Enter your pin. If you do not have a pin for the app, you can create one by either going through ‘RESET PIN’ & follow the prompts (you will need your myGov username, password & secret question
      4. Select ‘IMMUNISATION’ from the menu below ‘SERVICES’
      5. Select the name you wish to obtain the statement for (everyone who is on your Medicare card will be shown here)
      6. Read the terms & conditions & select ‘ACCEPT’
      7. The selected immunisation statement will show as below. To forward this via email, select the icon in the top right corner
      8. Select ‘MAIL’ & forward it to your chosen centres email address (this can be found on the website) or print & hand to management