Fundraising For Silas | KingKids Childcare And Kindergarden
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At KingKids we know how important it is to support our families, team members, community and children. Each year we collaborate with our KingKids community to fundraise for organisations that support people close to our heart.

This year we have chosen to fundraise for two wonderful organisations that give back to the community and support children and families in many different ways


About VACCA (Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency)

Supporting culturally strong, safe and thriving Aboriginal communities.

Together with our Vision and Purpose, our principles are held dear by VACCA’s workforce and guide all that we do.

We believe in Aboriginal peoples’ right to self-determination, the rights of the child and we commit to upholding Victorian Aboriginal cultural protocols.

VACCA delivers more than 50 programs across Victoria that help to support culturally strong, thriving & safe Aboriginal communities. These thriving communities mean strong Aboriginal Children.

VACCA’s services support Aboriginal children and adults in Victoria and can be accessed by non-Aboriginal people who have an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family member, such as children or a partner.

All monitory donations collected in 2022 by the KingKids community will be donated to VACCA to help them support children and families.

Your donations will help:

  • Fund cultural programs.
  • Provide assistance to families who need our help and support.
  • Train, support and recruit new Foster Carers.

Backpacks 4 Vic Kids

Did you know that 45,000 Australian children are in an out of home care placement such as foster care? There are around 4000 new placements each year in Victoria alone.

Often children are placed quickly into foster care, kinship care or emergency accommodation without much more than what they are wearing at the time. Backpacks 4 Vic Kids provide them with a few essential items to ease feelings of loss and to help with their relocation.

And you can help too!

You can help by donating some much needed household items to your KingKids Centre, where they will be shipped off to support children in need.

Please click here to see what items you can donate.

With our help, Backpacks 4 Vic Kids can help the following services to support children and families in need.

Foster care agencies

Department of Health and Human Services

Victoria Police

Crisis support staff and crisis accommodation facilities

Children’s and Family Services staff

Refuge Facilities

How Much KingKids Have Raised

We hope that you can spare some change or household items to help these incredibly worthy charities that help so many children and families.