Educators Day - Amazing Race - What a day & result!
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Educators Day – Amazing Race – What a day & result!

Here at Kingkids, we have such an amazing & diverse team from centre to centre.

It is something we are very proud of! We are very lucky to have such amazing team members involved with the KingKids family; from our educators to management team to kitchen staff & to even our maintenance members.

A way that we like to keep a positive team & work environment is by having work social events that give us the chance to build our team further & secure great relationships with each other.

One of our annual team building events that we hold is the educator’s day, which includes the ‘amazing race’.

Each year, around October, we get all the centres together at the end of the amazing race for the official educator’s day. Here is where we finish off the ‘amazing race’, enjoying time with our fellow team members.

Team members are invited to bring family members to the end event where we hold lots of things to do & see. There is lots of food & drink (including popcorn, fairy floss, slushies), face painting, games to take part in & an awards ceremony.

Before we get to this point though, there is the chance for the KingKids team members to get in smaller teams of their own & take part in the ‘amazing race’.

This is a scavenger hunt as such, with many ways to collect points to go towards being the winning team, which is announced at the end event. The teams will start at a meeting point, get their first clue & start the race. Each team will leave in 5-minute intervals.

We are super fortunate to have such a great management team put together a great event like this that can encourage our teams to work together as well as a way for us to have the team members families be a part of a fun & fulfilling event.

The winning team on the day came from our newest Centre, KingKids Mooroolbark!

What an ‘amazing’ day!