Car Seats and Driving Requirements - Do you meet the requirements?
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Car Seats & Driving with Children!

Here is some information:


Every trip that you take, no matter how short you may think the length is, your child/ren must be seated in an Australian Standard’s approved child restraint. This must also be suitable for the child’s age & size.

Little ones up to a minimum of 6 months old:

  • Must be restrained in a rear facing infant restraint or capsule. Keep them in this as long as possible.


Little ones & young children aged between 6 months & 4 years old:

  • The child restraint must have an inbuilt harness.
  • This can either be rear or forward facing.


Young children from age 4 to 7 years old:

  • A full booster can now be used.
  • Child must be forward facing in a child restraint.


If you are struggling to get your car seat into your car & feel like you need to have it looked at professionally to make sure of it’s safety, go to these links to find a car seat fitting professional near you:

Children must be sitting in the back seats as this is the safest spot for them to be situated.
Never leave children unaccompanied in the car – no matter of the time limit you may be away from the car or distance.

All cars have a large blind spot, this can make it difficult to see small children around the car.

For more information regarding the legal requirements, see the links: