Brennonnooll Room - Rowville Centre - Learning Experience
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Brennonnooll Room – Rowville Centre – Learning Experience

We have so many wonderful children many come from different cultures all over the world!

We have recently started our new learning topic which is the world around us.

Our first country was Greece. We set up a learning experience with building blocks so the children could build amazing towers like the Greek Parthenon. We watched a short video about the Parthenon and looked at lots of photos which I took on my recent trip to Europe.
We learnt how to say hello in Greek which is Yasou.
To finish off our topic we made a delicious Greek salad. This experience allowed the children to try food that they might not have tried at home.

Next we went off to Italy. The children have been doing some amazing drawings brining out the Leonardo Da Vinci in them. We looked at photos of the colosseum, Trevi fountain and the beautiful city of Venice. Our children have been learning how to say hello/goodbye in Italian which is Ciao.
To finish off our Italian topic we made pizza. All of the children were given pizza dough to roll, squish and even taste. everyone helped put the cheese on top of the pizza so it could go into the oven to be cooked.

Each week we will explore a new country learning how to say hello and learning the basics about each culture and finishing off by making some yummy food.
We are encouraging our families to come in and talk about their culture and share photos with the children.

We are loving learning about the world around us and we can’t wait to explore the next country!