KingKids Berwick Childcare Centre - Friendly Educators & Great Programs
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Berwick KingKids

61-67 Golf Links Rd Berwick, Victoria, 3806

Covid 19 snipit

Our Team members are undertaking Covid-19 infection control and training, to minimise the risk and protect our community too.


Where We Learn

Our Centre

Our bright and welcoming centre in Berwick has 8 small rooms (including 2 Kindergarten rooms), each offering a personalised approach to caring for and educating your child.  A large focus of the Centre is the provision and teaching of sustainable practices, composting, recycling and the care of our chickens.

We have a diverse team of Educators and a very low staff turnover, allowing for you and your child to develop meaningful relationships and for our Educators to genuinely know you and your family.

Where We Play

Gallery of photos

What We Eat

Our Chef-Designed Menu
This is Skye & she is the cook at KingKids Berwick.


Cook and Food & Safety Supervisor


Languages: English


“I can only hope that by providing nutritious meals and teaching children basic cooking skills that they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make healthy food choices as adults”


Kitchen Assistant


Languages: English


“I enjoy working in a friendly, enjoyable & supportive centre. The team, children & their families are lovely to be around. I enjoy taking on new challenges & being able to explore outside of my comfort zone.”

This is Chantelle & she is the kitchen assistant at KingKids Berwick.


Kitchen Assistant

Maternity Leave


Languages: English


“I love working in a fun and positive environment”

Who Teaches Us

Berwick Educators
This is Cassie & she is the assistant director at KingKids Berwick.


Centre Director

 Qualified Mental Health First Aider


Languages: English

“Hi, my name is Cassie & I am currently the Centre Director here at KingKids Early Learning Centre Berwick. I started my career journey as a student, completing my certificate III placement hours in one of the pre-kindergarten rooms back in 2013. I obviously loved it as I am still here today! I feel as though I still have the same passion & enthusiasm I did as a nervous student to now, working in a management role. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to learn all different aspects of working in Early Childhood; assistant educator, room leader, OH&S officer etc. The reason why I have chosen this career in Early Childhood is because I enjoy forming great relationships with the children and their families. This creates opportunities to be able to have fun and laugh each day”


Assistant Director


Languages: English

“I have worked in the early education industry for most of my adult life in varying degrees as a student, disability support worker, inclusion support, room leader, kinder teacher, educational leader and now manager. I have also strived to grow and learn, and I try to take each day as it comes and appreciate it for what it is and what it has to offer.
In early education, we have the opportunity to be able to help grow and shape little minds and support children to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Though the challenges are many, the rewards are endless. Nothing compares to seeing a child finally ‘get’ or understand something that you have been teaching them, no matter how small. The relationships you form with families and children is such an integral part of our job and one that helps us understand and appreciate each child for who they are, and each family for what they bring to their child’s life.”

This is Maria & she is a support educator.


Educational Leader and Workplace Health and Safety Officer

Languages: French, Portuagese & English

“I believe the early years of a child’s life are the most important years. I became an early childhood educator as I am passionate in providing every child with a safe, caring & challenging environment to support the children’s learning through play”

Lilly Pillies

This is Achani & she is a co educator in the Lilly Pillies room.


Room Leader

Languages: Sinhalese & English

“Early childhood education is one of the most interesting types of teaching for me as it involves work with pure little minds. Children have different abilities. These abilities can be improved to make attractive personalities.

I’m proud to be an educator to shape up the future of the community by assisting the early childhood learning of future personalities.”

This is Liza & she is the co educator in the Cherry Blossoms room.



Languages: Dari & English

“I want to work in early childhood education because not only does working with children fascinate me, but it makes me feel special to be a part of the most important time of a child’s life. The early years are when the children are learning about life & forming characteristics & habits”

This is Maria & she is a support educator.



Languages: French, Portuagese & English

“I believe the early years of a child’s life are the most important years. I became an early childhood educator as I am passionate in providing every child with a safe, caring & challenging environment to support the children’s learning through play”

This is Caitlin & she is a support educator.



Languages: English

“I love working in early childhood education because I am passionate about working with children & watching them grow & learn. I love coming to work & getting to do something different with the children every day. I love educating their curious minds as well as learning so much from them as well. It is never boring & it gets me excited for every new day”

Cherry Blossoms

This is Amrit & she is the room leader of the Lilly Pillies room.


Room Leader

Languages: Punjabi, Hindi & English

“Being a part of a child’s early years is the most rewarding career. Helping them achieve their milestones & the happiness they get with that gives me a feeling that can’t be explained. After I became a mother, I started loving children a lot & I decided to work in early childhood & pursue a career as an educator. Watching them learn, grow & meet their goals each day is the best feeling I get as an educator. Starting your day with lots of cuddles from my little friends makes my day.”

This is Angela & she is the co educator in the Golden Wattles room.



Languages: Greek & English

“I love the career that I am in because I believe that the early learning years are very special & valuable to every person’s lives. To be a part of watching a child grow is a great experience & something I as an educator appreciate being involved in. I am excited to work with the children & families collaboratively to make amazing & impactful experiences”

This is Lauren & she is the co educator in the Golden Wattles room.



Languages: English

“I’m very passionate about being a good role model to children and guiding them to be and do their best. Getting to know each individual child to help guide them with their developmental needs and watching them achieve things when they set their mind to it is such a great feeling. I just love helping children learn and grow and how all their many different personalities bring such joy to my day”

Little Banksias

This is Raman & she is the co educator in the Cherry Blossoms room.


Room Leader

Languages: Punjabi, Hindi & English

“I have been working in the early childhood industry for the last 7 years. I love the children and I am very passionate about my career.
This is the only job that I love, someday I would like to become an early childhood teacher.
Working with children is inspirational, it makes me feel positive”

This is Sue & she is the co educator in the Little Banksias room.



Languages: Sinhalese & English

“I believe that I can enrich the children’s lives through my work in this career path. Touching their hearts and bonding with the children helps me to connect them to the community with confidence which is one of the highlights of my day. I’m so happy to be a part of their first steps in life and proud to be able to introduce them to the life skills they need to be successful throughout their lives”

This is Leang & she is the co educator in the Golden Wattles room.



Languages: Cambodian & English

“I love working with children with children because I love the way they look at the world. I love to see them grow & to see all the things that they learn. I also love to see how surprised they are at the world. I want to be able to support the children in their learning, confidence & development”

This is Tayla & she is a support educator.



Languages: English

“I chose to be an early childhood educator because I believe it’s such a rewarding job to be able to make a difference in the early years of a young child and be able to watch them learn and grow. It’s very fulfilling to be able to create lasting bonds with the children and their families during their years here”

Golden Wattles

This is Emily & she is a support educator.


Room Leader

Languages: English

“I became an early childhood educator with the love of educating & inspiring young children to grow & learn to their fullest potential & abilities. Watching children achieve what they believe to be impossible makes me believe that this career choice wasn’t just a choice, it was my passion to educate young minds”

This is Yoshi & she is the co educator of the Little Banksias room.



Languages: Sinhalese & English

“I am working in early childhood because I enjoy observing children who are in our care. I am able to watch how they grow, learn & show confidence in every step of their achievements & learning”

This is Jessica & she is the co educator in the Cherry Blossoms room.



Languages: Mandarin & English

“After I compared some different early childhood centres, I found our centre to be much better than others. So, I chose KingKids Berwick as my workplace. I love to use my professional skills to guide our children to make progress & develop their skills. It’s a joyful career that provides me the opportunity to accompany children & watch them grow”

This is Holly & she is a support educator.


Educator & Child Welfare Advisor

Languages: English

“I love this career because of the many rewards you get from growing, playing and bonding with the children and families. It’s very exciting when the children teach you, and help you see things from a new perspective. I’m very passionate about the health and safety of our children in our community”


This is Christine & she is a support educator.


Room Leader

Languages: French, Creol & English

“Working in early childhood is a goal for myself. I have chosen this profession as I have compassion, dedication, innovation, passion & integrity. Today, I am blessed to have such a job”

This is Brigid & she is the room leader in the Little Banksias room.



Languages: English

“Being an early childhood educator can sometimes be exhausting but when you witness the children under your care feeling safe, secure & flourishing the hard work is worth it. The best part of this career is the connections made with the children & their families & working in a supportive environment filled with kind & caring people”

This is Lara & she is a support educator.



Languages: Hindi & English

“First of all, I am a grown adult child myself! Just like a child, I am curious about learning. I love & enjoy this career because I get to provide a safe & secure learning environment to the very best of my ability. The best part of my job is when a child scribbles on a crumpled up piece of paper & hands it to me, it surely makes my day. I also enjoy working in a diverse multicultural field, it gives me a sense of enjoyment & knowledge to meet & greet new people”


This is Lucy & she is the room leader of the Gum Trees room.


3 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher

Languages: English

“I love being around children & watching them learn & grow. Seeing a child learning something for the first time is exciting & rewarding as an educator. I believe that each child should be seen as individual & that we should provide a program based around children’s interest & strengths through a creative nurturing & fun environment. I want to encourage meaningful learning & to try & make a difference in every child’s life”

This is Dinusha & she is the co educator in the Jacarandas room.



Languages: Sinhalese & English

“I am confident & passionate about what I do & I will put my best effort into it. I believe that I have the pedagogy to scaffold children’s learning, wellbeing, temperament, personality & programming to establishing & maintain an environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging & emotionally nurturing”

The Willows

This is Syazana & she is the kindergarten teacher of the Willows room.


4 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher 

Languages: English

“Working as a kindergarten teacher is a rewarding career because we play an important role to help children build educational, social & independent skills that will be beneficial to them when they enter primary school”

This is Nelu & she is the co educator in the Gum Trees Room.


Kindergarten Assistant

Cultural Inclusion Officer

Languages: Sinhalese & English

“The early years of a child’s life are the most important. With so much negativity within the society today, I want to make a positive impact on the foundation years of their lives, so they become aware of kindness & compassion”

Honey Myrtles

This is Kat & she is the kindergarten teacher of the Honey Myrtles room.


4 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher

Languages: English

“I’ve always wanted to teach children about the world around them, helping them to be the best they can be. I am very passionate about encouraging children’s independent skills & confident self-identities. I love watching them learn new information & skills as they see themselves as capable learners”

This is Bruno & he is the kindergarten assistant in the Honey Myrtles room.


Kindergarten Assistant

Languages: French & English

“When I came to Australia 8 years ago, I did not expect that I would love to work with children. I used to work with teenagers back in France. When I learnt English & I was choosing a career in Australia, I decided to stay in education. I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed educating young children. I find it to be a positive environment to work in”

Support Educators

This is Chamila & she is the kindergarten assistant.


Educator & Sustainability Officer

Languages: Sinhalese & English

“Firstly, I possess the right personality qualities such as patience, creativity, enthusiasm, the interest & a passion for early childhood education. Secondly, my high level of dedication & commitment has always been a key strength to being successful as an educator. Also, I respect cultural differences & different learning abilities of each & every child whom I consider is unique”

This is Poonam & she is the room leader of the Golden Wattles room & the educational leader.



Languages: Punjabi, Hindi & English

“I have been working in early childhood for 9 years. I believe that there’s nothing more rewarding than teaching children. They learn best when they have warm, engaged and responsive relationships and this is the key to help them achieve best outcomes”

This is Courtney & she is the co educator in the Lilly Pillies room.



Workplace Health & Safety Officer

Languages: English

“Nothing is more fulfilling than watching children learn & grow from the play experiences you set out in the room. Gaining relationships with families & children while being able to feel a part of their family makes my job so rewarding. The first 5 years of a child’s life is the most important & I am so glad to be a part of it.”



Languages: Sinhalese & English

” I love working with children especially as an Educator, being surrounded by children who are happy, curious and confident brings great joy to my day”

This is Zara & she is a support educator.



Languages: German & English

“Why wouldn’t I want to work with children? No day is the same when you work in this profession & oh, what fun we have! My passion is to challenge your children to grow through their strengths & weaknesses, by giving them the opportunity to explore & learn through play. Your children also challenge me daily to think, plan & provide the best possible care that will nurture their individual needs. How incredibly rewarding”

This is Shital & she is a support educator.



Maternity Leave

Languages: Gujrati, Hindi & English

“Education is not only about going to school & getting a degree, instead it is about widening the knowledge & learning about the truth of life. Being an educator, I am privileged to explore the skills & art of living alongside children. It is a great opportunity that this career has given me; being a part of the journey of children’s learning & lives”

What’s Coming Up

Berwick Events & Blog
  • YAY! It’s Book Week from Monday the 24th until Friday the 28th of August. During this week, we will be holding the annual book fair where you will be able to purchase some great books through KingKids Berwick! On Monday the 24th, we encourage everyone to dress up as their favourite book character. You are also welcomed to bring your favourite book to share with your friends 😊...

  • Science Week will be held from Monday the 17th until Friday the 21st of August. National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science & technology & thousands of individuals – from students, to scientists to chefs & musicians – get involved, taking part in more than 1000 science events across the nation. During this week, the rooms will be embedding science activities into their curriculum’s, so the children can experiment & explore....

  • Get that double denim going, it’s Jeans for Genes day on Friday the 14th of August. Jeans for Genes was established in 1994 by Children’s Medical Research Institute to fund revolutionary research that helps diagnose, understand, & find cures or treatments for conditions affecting kids, including genetic diseases, cancer, & epilepsy. Denim jeans, jackets, dresses or any denim you may have is highly encouraged! A donation tin will be located on the reception desk, these donations will go straight to Jeans For Genes Australia...

  • It’s time to wear all your red gear, it’s Red Nose Day on Friday the 7th of August. Red Nose Day in Australia is the major fundraising campaign for SIDS and Kids, a very important organisation that focuses on sudden and unexpected deaths in babies and children. We encourage all to wear as much red as they can to raise awareness for this cause! A donation tin will be located on the reception desk, these donations will go straight to Red Nose Australia....

  • As the world trudges through times of such uncertainty the stories of community, support and gratitude continue to emerge. The strength, compassion and caring nature of the KingKids community only demonstrates that together we are stronger. COVID-19 has swept through Australia causing many businesses to close and in turn, people to lose their jobs. We are extremely empathetic to anyone in this situation and know that some of our families has been affected by this. We know this can be difficult for some people to cope with and urge anyone feeling concerned to seek professional advice. Sadly, the Children’s Services......

  • What a night! Our Educators, Families & Industry Professionals attended KingKids & "The Resilience Project - Hugh van Cuylenburg"...

  • KingKids Berwick will be taking part in bringing in the Chinese New Year on Tuesday the 28th of January! Did you know that 2020 is the year of the rat?...

  • KingKids Berwick will be celebrating Australia Day with a BBQ lunch! Yum Yum!...

  • Here at KingKids Berwick, we are lucky enough to be in a very culturally diverse community, so we decided, lets learn the Mandarin Chinese Language!...

  • Hi Everyone,Please be advised that all KingKids Centres will be closed on Wednesday 25th December & Thursday 26th December for the Christmas & Boxing Day public holidays.Enjoy your Christmas break!...

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