KingKids Berwick Childcare Centre - Friendly Educators & Great Programs
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Berwick KingKids

61-67 Golf Links Rd Berwick, Victoria, 3806

Where We Learn

Our Centre

Our bright and welcoming centre in Berwick has 8 small rooms (including 2 Kindergarten rooms), each offering a personalised approach to caring for and educating your child.  A large focus of the Centre is the provision and teaching of sustainable practices, composting, recycling and the care of our chickens.

We have a diverse team of Educators and a very low staff turnover, allowing for you and your child to develop meaningful relationships and for our Educators to genuinely know you and your family.

Where We Play

Gallery of photos

What We Eat

Our Chef-Designed Menu



“I can only hope that by providing nutritious meals and teaching children basic cooking skills that they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make healthy food choices as adults”



Kitchen Assistant

“I love working in a fun and positive environment”

Who Teaches Us

Berwick Educators
Naomi - Director KingKids Childcare, Daycare


Centre Director

Hi, my name is Naomi. I have 18yrs experience in the early childhood sector and am passionate and committed to providing a high-quality learning environment for young children. I believe we are helping to set a positive path for learning and opportunities for children to become successful, confident and engaged members of our community. We pride ourselves on nurturing and supporting children as they learn and ensuring the children’s individual needs are met.

Cassie Assitant Director KingKids Childcare


Assistant Director

Hi, my name is Cassie & I am currently the assistant director here at KingKids Early Learning Centre Berwick. I started my career journey as a student, completing my certificate III placement hours in one of the pre-kindergarten rooms back in 2013. I obviously loved it as I am still here today! I feel as though I still have the same passion & enthusiasm I did as a nervous student to now, working in a management role. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to learn all different aspects of working in Early Childhood; assistant educator, room leader, OH&S officer etc. The reason why I have chosen this career in Early Childhood is because I enjoy forming great relationships with the children and their families. This creates opportunities to be able to have fun and laugh each day.

Group leader desc. here

Lilly Pillies

Maria King Kids Room 2 Leader KingKids Childcare


Room Leader

“I am passionate about providing a program that extends on each child’s interests and enhances their learning through fun play activities”



“I love helping children to reach their potential as the first five years have so much to do with the way they live the rest of their lives”



“I am passionate about the learning happening in the early years of a child”

Cherry Blossoms


Room Leader

“Providing a safe and stimulating learning environment is important to their development, ensuring that through exploring, hypothesising they can predict the outcome of their exploration through play”

Leang Childcare Educator Berwick



“I love working with children with children because I love the way they look at the world. I love to see them grow; to see all the things that they learn. I also love to see how surprised they are at the world. I want to be able to support the children in their learning, confidence & development”



“I have been working in the early childhood industry for the last 6 years. I love the children and I am very passionate about my career.
This is the only job that I love, someday I would like to become an early childhood teacher.
Working with children is inspirational, it makes me feel positive”



“Early childhood is the foundation of a child’s life. I’m happy to be a part of that and help them to reach their best at KingKids Berwick. Being around children and helping them enhance their current learning skills makes me feel quite happy”

Little Banksias


Room Leader

“My high level of dedication and commitment, as well as my respect for cultural differences and different learning abilities of each child, has contributed to my passion in childhood education”



“I engage and interact with children by being involved in their experiences. I encourage all children to experience positive feelings about themselves”



“I love working in children’s services as it is a pleasure to watch young minds grow, develop into great thinkers and doers.
I also get to learn a lot from the children and become a better educator whilst encouraging their imaginations and giving them the life skills they need to be confident and involved learners at school and in life”



“I’m diligent and motivated to learn new things. I am also responsible and pro active, with a good work ethic”

Golden Wattles


Room Leader

“I believe children can achieve anything when families and educators work together”



“I am confident and passionate about my career”



“I love working with children as I think this career is extremely rewarding”





Kindergarten Assistant

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together! I feel lucky to experience that in this amazing place”



“I want to make a positive influence in the early years of a child’s life”



Kindergarten Assistant

“I believe in providing fun, nurturing and play based environment to build the framework for all future achievements”



“It’s a privilege to work in childcare to help shape the children’s lives for the future”

The Willows


Kindergarten Teacher 


Kindergarten Assistant 

“I love working in early childhood education because I am passionate about working with children and watching them grow and learn. I love coming to work and getting to do something different with the children every day. I love educating their curious minds as well as learning so much from them as well. It is never boring & it gets me excited for every new day”


Kindergarten Teacher

(Maternity Leave)

“I am passionate about every child receiving a quality education, care and support during their time at KingKids”

Honey Myrtles


Kindergarten Teacher

“I am passionate about teaching & whenever I see my students grasp a new & challenging skill, it makes me feel successful. Moreover, I enjoy working closely with families & supporting them with their engagement & connectedness throughout the kindergarten year”


Kindergarten Assistant

“I love being an early childhood educator as I am able to build bonds with children and guide them along their learning journey.  I like to be able to teach the children to develop independence, creativeness, to be kind and respectful young people”

Support Educators

Support Educators



“Being a professional educator is so rewarding”



“My passion is to work with children. They can bring so much joy to your day through their laughter! I love their innocence and their eagerness to learn new things every day. To be apart of their development and learning is a pretty special thing for me”



“The best way to teach children is to play with them”



“My passion is to challenge your children to grow through their strengths & weaknesses, by giving them the opportunity to explore & learn through play. Your children also challenge me daily to think, plan & provide the best possible care that will nurture their individual needs. How incredibly rewarding!”




“I am passionate about providing quality care and education to all children and love having the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children, families and educator”



“I love to watch how children grow, learn and show confidence with every step they take”


Kindergarten Teacher (maternity leave)

“Don’t give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person no matter how small” – Dr Seuss



“Hi, I am Liza, I have been working at KingKids for 3 years now. I am extremely passionate about working with children”



“I’m very passionate about working with children and furthering my understanding of child development.”



“My career comes with its challenges but every morning there is always a little someone who runs to me for a hug which makes it all worthwhile.
For myself, it’s a way of setting professional recognition for something I have always been passionate about; caring for children!”

What’s Coming Up

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