Jordan, Author at KingKids Childcare and Kindergarten
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Author: Jordan

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Lockdown has resulted in many families experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety. What we have been seeing in countries using lockdowns, especially with children aged 1 - 3, is that as family stress levels have risen, screen time for children has followed.   We now have young children exposed to even higher levels of screen time then the already high levels experienced pre-COVID. This could become concerning, as we are finding that higher levels of daily screen time are acting as early indicators of challenging behaviour starting at four years old. What can we do?   There's still a place for...

Here at KingKids we are Incredibly lucky to have Educators from all around the world and children and families. It is important to respect each other’s cultural identity, as it is what makes us feel a sense of belonging. It is also important to respect and value our families and their cultural backgrounds.   What does cultural diversity look like for children? Children’s connection to their culture develops through their experiences. In particular, warm and secure emotional connections with the adults who care for them help children connect with their cultural identity. Having a strong sense of their own cultural history and the...

We are so excited to introduce you to Molly! Molly has recently passed her intense assessment to become a Therapy Dog at Lead the Way Institute and will now become a part of the KingKids family. Therapy dogs can reduce stress psychologically and increase attachment responses that trigger oxytocin – a hormone that increases trust in humans. Therapy dogs have been shown to teach empathy and social skills, reduce anxiety in children, be soothing and increase motivation for learning. During Molly’s training, she spent 12 months attending a school spending time in a classroom and forming relationships with the children. It opened...