KingKids Rowville Childcare: Kindergarten & Daycare Rowville
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Rowville KingKids Early Learning

1165 Stud Road, Rowville, Victoria, 3178

Our Team members are undertaking Covid-19 infection control and training, to minimise the risk and protect our community too.

Where We Learn

Our Daycare Centre in Rowville

Our new modern and state of the art childcare and kindergarten in Rowville has a cosy, home away from home feel which is conveniently located.  Community and family involvement is at the heart of our early learning centre and we aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. Our Rowville childcare centre has a large decking area with café blinds making an all-weather outdoor area. We have a focus and aim to inspire sustainability and have a recycle station and greenhouse at our centre. Our Rowville childcare educators are passionate, nurturing, motivated and a very friendly team who enjoy delivering our family run programs and interacting with the children in our variety of amazing play spaces at this state of the art facility.

Where We Play

Gallery of photos from our Rowville Childcare Centre

Contact Rowville KingKids Early Learning Centre

1165 Stud Road, Rowville, Victoria, 3178

(03) 8738 8770

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 6:30am – 6:30pm

Saturday and Sunday Closed

    What We Eat

    Our Rowville Chef-Designed Menu
    Day care chef



    Languages: Indonesian & English

    Hi my name is Siti

    I have 10 years experience as an Early Childhood Cook, I have 3 children of my own and I have always loved cooking.

    I especially love cooking hearty meals that are nutritious, yet delicious. I enjoy hearing positive feedback about the children that have enjoyed the meals I provide. I hope all families get a chance to enjoy some of my cooking.

    Who Teaches Us

    Our Rowville Childcare Educators


    Centre Director

    & Qualified Mental Health First Aider

    As the Centre Director of KingKids Rowville, I am responsible for the day to day running of our early learning kindergarten service. I am a working mother with two children and understand the importance of quality care. I started my journey with KingKids 5 years ago, where I have had many opportunities to advance my skills as an Educator. I am passionate about making a difference in the childcare industry, promoting a stimulating environment for kids to learn that is safe and fun. Our daycare environment at Rowville is positive, where educators work together with the community, families, co-educators and children to further develop their own skills and teaching practices

    Staff Photos - Heba


     Assistant Director

    Languages: Arabic & English

    Hi my name is Heba and I am currently the Assistant Director here at Kingkids Rowville.

    My passion has always been to work with children, I enjoy watching them learn and grow.  I have enjoyed learning and growing throughout this industry as a student, an Assistant Educator, a room leader and as Educational Leader. I now have this amazing opportunity in a management role as Assistant Director to build and form strong and long-lasting relationships with the families, children and Educators here at Rowville.




    Languages: English

    Hi, I am Rhonda,

    I have been teaching for 5 years now, I am passionate about supporting kids’ early learning and development in a holistic and exciting way! I wish to support each child to reach their full potential and help with the best start to their educational journey!



    Room Leader

    & Mental Health Workplace Advisor

    Hi, I am Sam,

    I love being in childcare and interacting with young kids, as my own are 22 and 17. I will show your child love and empathy and help develop into their own little person. I look forward to watching your little one grow and forming bonds with them and the families.



    Languages: Sinhalese & English

    Hi, I am Ruwanthi,

    I am from Sri Lanka and a happy mother of two children. I believe that children learn through play, my role is to support them through this by providing opportunities to support their growth so they can become the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.



    Languages: Tagalog & English

    Hi, my name is Lou,

    I hold my Diploma of Early Childhood and Education. I am passionate about guiding children through independence and bringing out their creativity because I believe the early years of children are the foundation of their development and growth.



    Room Leader

    Languages: English

    Hi my name is Georgia,

    I am very excited about my career in Early Childhood Education and Care. My time at the kindergarten in Rowville has been positive and filled with learning opportunities, I strive to ensure the environment for children is healthy, safe and nurturing.



    Languages: Hindi & English

    Hi, I’m May,

    I’m a mother of two and a current ECE Certificate III student. I have lived in four different countries throughout my life and have loved interacting with such a diverse range of people.



    Languages: Sinhalese & English

    Hi, My name is Darshani,

    I am bilingual and can speak Singhalese and English. I have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I am also a mother of two beautiful children. I have a good understanding of children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. I am committed to be a strong team member, collaborate with co-workers and be a positive role model for all.



    Languages: English

    Hello, my name is Sara.

    I am currently studying at RMIT University and will graduate as an Early Childhood Teacher this year. As an educator, I prioritise building strong connections and relationships with the children in our care; as I believe children learn best when they feel secure and supported.
    As a mother of 3 young children, I also understand the endless benefits of open communication between educators and families. I am so excited to be working here at KingKids and I look forward to teaching and learning from the children each day.



    Room Leader &

    Sustainability Officer

    Languages: Russian, Ukranian & English

    Hello, I am Yana,

    As an Early Childhood Educator, I would like to help children to grow in self-confidence. To do this successfully I believe we must provide a rich environment where learning can take place.  Through play I believe children learn to develop a very positive self- concept of themselves. I would like to be able to look back at the end of my teaching year and say with satisfaction my centre has provided kids with a secure and stimulating daycare  environment that they have enjoyed learning in



    Languages: Sinhalese & English

    Hi, I am Rashmika and I’m from Sri Lanka.

    I have been working with KingKids Rowville for nearly two years.

    I have completed my Diploma in Children’s services and am looking forward to caring for children in my care and sharing my knowledge.



    Languages: Greek & English

    My name is Anjelika,

    I am a very organised person and I believe that if there is organisation the educational environments flow very well for both Children and Educators. I have been in the industry for a total of 8 years and I strongly believe that each child is an individual. As an educator I will value and help develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning.



    Languages: English

    My name is Abbie,

    I have been working in the early childhood industry for 8 years and I am currently studying towards my bachelor of Early childhood education.

    I believe it’s  important to teach children about the world around them and how to be sustainable and care for the environment. I love encouraging children to be creative and use their imagination as well as reading books.

    In my spare time I like to practice yoga, read and connect with the nature. I love helping my daughter learn about nature and animals, being a mum has been my greatest achievement.

    I am very excited about joining the KingKids team and meeting the children and the families.



    Languages: English

    Hi my name is Hayley,

    It’s my first year here at KingKids, I’m currently studying my certificate 3 in early childhood education and care and I’m very excited about my career I’m early education, one thing I love most about working with children is seeing how excited they get when they achieve new goals, I’m really looking forward to working with the children and seeing them do amazing things and extend my knowledge within the industry.



    Room Leader

    Languages: Italian & English

    Hi, my name is Kayla,

    I am a very organised and passionate educator, I come from a large Italian family and that is where my passion for childcare evolved from.

    Making children smile when they achieve their goals is what drives me to be the best educator I can be.

    Julianne 2019


    Educator &

    Workplace Health & Safety Officer

    Hey, I am Julianne,

    I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education, I have experience mentoring students from a refugee backgrounds where I focused on developing students language and social skills



    3 Year Old Kinder Teacher

    Languages: English & Sinhalese

    My name is Iroshani,

    I am very excited to be joining the KingKids Team. I am passionate about teaching and educating children. I believe children are unique and capable individuals. I have a great respect for nature, sports and education. I hope to provide a welcoming and an enjoyable learning environment for the children.



    Languages: French, Arabic & English

    My name is Raghida,

    I am a mother of two children. I have a Bachelor in Education and Diploma qualified in Early Childhood Education and Care. I worked as a teacher in different countries, systems and languages. I am proud to be a part of the KingKids team and looking forward to working with young kids.




    Languages: Armenian, Turkish & English

    Hi, I am Arusyak,

    I engage and interact with children by being involved in their experiences. I encourage all kids to experience positive feelings about themselves


    Kindergarten Teacher


    Kindergarten Teacher

     Hi, my name is Habiba and I am an Early Childhood teacher.

    I have a passion for making children’s early years in Kindergarten very special and memorable.

    I have been in Early Childhood Education for 8 years now and enjoy creating a safe and positive environment for children to reach their full potential. 



    Languages: Hindi & English

    My name is Urmila,

    My strengths are social and emotional development of the children. I like to extend their knowledge through literacy such as book reading. I also like to shape their thinking and imagination development through art and craft activities.

    Support Educators



    Languages: Hindi & English

    My name is Anu,

    I have been with KingKids since 2012, I started at the Berwick centre and have now moved to the Rowville childcare centre. I have a passion for Early Childhood Education and I love building relationships and watching children reach their developmental milestones every day



    Languages: Spanish & English

    My name is Alma,

    I love to see children learning in different ways, how they take challenges and the willingness they show at every step in the learning process.





    Hello, I am Maria,

    I believe that children are the most precious gifts in every family. Working alongside children has always been my passion. I love the energy and enthusiasm in the environment that children are in and watching them learn and grow each day. I believe my passion and playful attitude shines the most when I am around children.




    Languages: English

    Hi, I am Rhonda,

    I have been teaching for 5 years now, I am passionate about supporting kids’ early learning and development in a holistic and exciting way! I wish to support each child to reach their full potential and help with the best start to their educational journey!



    Languages: Sinhalese & English

    My name is Nimesha,

    I have recently completed my Diploma and have a number or years experience overseas. I speak fluent Singhalese, Hindi and English. I love cooking with children and would use this experience to help assist children to learn new skills.



    Languages: Sinhalese & English

    My name is Pushpa Donna,

    I am a Diploma qualified Educator in early childhood and care. I have been working in the Education sector for more than 10 years. As an educator, I strongly believe in building respectful relationship with children and their families through continuous communication. I love working with children , supporting them and helping them to achieve their goals, become confident and independent In their environment.



    Languages: English

    My Hi my name is Dian or Dee,

    I enjoy singing songs, dancing, and I also like doing fun art activities, science experiments and having fun with children at KingKids. I’m passionate about working with children and I look forward to seeing each child achieving and reaching their goals.




    Hi, my name is Isabella,

    I’m currently studying towards my Graduate Diploma in ECE. I love seeing little smiling faces greet me every morning, so hopefully I can make your child as happy as they make me when I start my day at KingKids! I am patient as well as energetic and believe that learning should always be fun as laughter is the best medicine. Establishing meaningful relationships with children and their families is important to me so your child can reach their full potential.



    Languages: English

    What’s Coming Up

    Rowville Kindergarten Events & Blog
    KingKids Child Playing

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